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7 Advanced SEO Hacks For Your To-Do List

Advanced SEO Hacks

In this post, you will get an advanced SEO to-do list, which is going to go over in-depth tactics that you aren’t seeing anywhere else. These strategies will give you a distinct competitive edge and can help you get that much sought-after boost in the SERPs. 1. Create an FAQ Page Schema FAQ schema is structured data, or code, that you put on your website to let Google know that you have a Frequently Asked Questions page – which increases your chance of being featured as a rich snippet in the SERPs. Many brands have an FAQ page on their site already to address the most popular customer questions, overcome objections, and even educate the customer. Adding an FAQ schema takes this strategy a step further because

Top 20 SEO Tips

SEO Tips

A lot has changed in the world of search engine optimization. However, certain fundamental principles remain unchanged. For example, targeting keywords with the sole intent of improving organic rankings no longer works with search engines but choosing the right keywords is still an important piece to the puzzle. However, here are the Top 20 SEO Tips that you need to know. 1. Backlinks are vital Regardless of their size, companies can always benefit from more links. They’re the lifeblood of domain and page authority, which continue to be a significant ranking factor. 2. Quality content is essential but relative Exceptional content doesn’t guarantee a top ranking. Links from other websites, implementation of SEO best practices, and great content work together to help your pages land top spots