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7 WordPress Tips And Best Practices To Make Your Sites Shine

WordPress Tips And Practices

Whether it’s taking the time to perform simple plugin updates or planning a blog redesign around the Gutenberg editor, there are quite a few ways you can focus your efforts to build your best WordPress sites. Here are 7 WordPress tips and best practices to make your sites shine: 1. Always make site updates in a test environment This first tip earned the number one spot on my list for a very important reason: You should keep it in mind for everything else we’re going to talk about. When you make changes directly to your live site, you run the risk of something causing your site to crash. And if your site is tied to your business, downtime is critical to avoid at all

15 WordPress Tips for Beginners

15 WordPress Tips

WordPress is a powerful platform that lets you create your very own website, design it exactly how you like, and add whatever features you need. But first, you need to build and publish your site. Thrown into the world of hosting, SEO, coding, plugins, and more, you might need a few handy tips and tricks along the way. That’s where we can help. We put our experience, experts, and excellent WordPress know-how to good use, and here are the 15 tips for WordPress beginners. 1. Choose Your Hosting This covers a wide range of tips in itself, but finding the right hosting provider for your WordPress site is absolutely essential for success. Without hosting, your site can’t go live on the internet. That’s not

How to Disable Tweaking Visual Effects in Windows 8?

Tweaking Visual Effects in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces many features which are helpful for enhancing the performance, so disable the tweak visual effects is from one of them. Computer User knows that Windows 8 is the fastest and optimized Operating system launch by Microsoft. There are so many visual effects in Windows 8 and provide a more attractive experience to users. But on other hands, these effects make slower our Operating system and performance reduces day by day. So for increasing the performance speed of Windows 8 users have to disable it. After reading this article, we user have to disable the tweaking Visual Effects and makes the OS speed faster. To do this users have to follow some steps which are discussed below. Disable Tweaking Visual