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Windows 10 Hidden Tips and Tricks (2020)

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 2020

More than 800 million devices run on Windows. The original kingpin of operating systems (OS) is still going strong, even with more and better competition. With Windows 7 hitting end-of-life (EOL) in January 2020, a fresh group of users have upgraded to Windows 10. There are a few key tips and tricks to know to get the most out of the new OS. Microsoft updates Windows 10 a few times throughout the year with new applications, settings, and customization options. Check to make sure your system is up to date, and check out these features we love! 1. Personalize the Start Menu The first thing you’ll probably notice in Windows 10 is the colorful and vibrant Start menu. What once was a button on the bottom

20 Computer Tricks You Should Know

20 Computer Tricks

Top 20 Computer Tricks For You Those of us who spend hours a day on the computer may think we know all the tricks there are to make our work easier. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks because there are countless shortcuts that even the most proficient PC users don’t realize they could be utilizing on a daily basis. computer tricks, computer shortcuts, pc tricks, pc shortcutsOtherwise, impress your friends with these easy computer tricks. Tricks for Typing Here are a few tips that will save you lots of time when typing documents: Move the cursor quicker to the beginning of the previous word by pressing CTRL+Left Arrow, instead of doing it manually. To get the cursor to the

What are Shortcut keys and how we Use in latest Version of Mozilla Firefox 25.0?

latest Version of Mozilla Firefox

Shortcut keys are very helpful in operating and using Computer Software Programs. For efficient working in less time it is very easiest and fastest method. With the help of Keyboard we can do our work in a Professional way. Shortcut keys are the mixture of Alt, Shift, and ctrl command with the conjunction of single letter or any symbol. Mozilla Firefox is common and well known browser on the Internet. Firefox entertain users with many different features like speed, safe and sound interface and great browsing experience. If we want to work faster with Firefox we should follow Firefox Specification Shortcut keys that will save us time. Whorush: 2 sites by this AdSens Check them out Shortcut keys and Description Alt + Home Opening of