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How A Folder can be Unshared on Dropbox?

How A Folder can be Unshared on Dropbox?

Dropbox is an App which is famous for the Online Storage. This App permits us to upload, transfer and approach files from Mobiles and Desktop. Dropbox is effective tool for sharing and accessing folders and files from various places with the help of internet. We can share our files and folder with others while using Dropbox. But when the shared folder do not use appropriately or there may be some problem then Dropbox provides the feature of unshared it.

After reading this article we will able to Unshared the folder on Dropbox. To do this we have to follow some steps which are discussed below

Unshared a Folder:

  • First open Dropbox and type Email Address and Password in their text boxes and then click on Sign in button.
  • open Dropbox
  • Make click on the Sharing option from left side pane.
  • Sharing option
  • Share folder window will open. Select the folder which we want to unshared. A drop down list will appear. Do click on Shared Folder Options from list.
  • • Share folder window
  • Shared Folder Option dialog box will appear.
  • Make click on the gear icon of selected folder, pick the option of Kick out or Unshared folder from bottom of the box.
  • Shared Folder Option
  • Check the box and then click the blue Unshare this folder button if prompted to confirm the action.
  • Check the box

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