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How to Change drive letter in Windows 10?

How to Change drive letter in Windows 10?

When you connect a device, Windows gives the device a letter for further work with it. But sometimes there are times when we need to change the drive letter, and today you will learn a simple way to do this. Windows has the entire English alphabet in its reserve: from A to Z. There were times when diskette disks were actively used, and the letters A and B were intended for them, and the letter C is mainly used for the Windows system disk. So let’s learn how to change a drive letter or assign a letter if it is not assigned by Windows.

windows disk letters

Warning I would like to warn users who have something installed on a flash drive or disk saying that if you change the letter, then all the programs installed on them will not start. Music, photos, installers and other files that do not need to be installed before launch will not fall under the distribution. It should also be noted that to change the drive letter on Windows 10, you will need administrator rights. Programs that require installation do not start for one simple reason: during installation, all installed programs are given a path that includes the name of the drive (in this case, the flash drive) on which they are installed. As soon as it changes, the path prescribed during installation is incorrect and the program does not start. A new path when changing the flash drive letter is not prescribed. The above happens regardless of your operating system. By the way, a warning about this will be displayed when changing the letter. To start, let’s look at the initial letter of the flash drive. In this case, it is an “E”.

Change drive letter in disk management So, to change the flash drive letter on Windows 10, you need to click on “My Computer” with the right mouse button, and then click on the “Management” item. The same technique is available by clicking on the “Start” button.

Now you need to select the “Disk Management” section, then right-click on the USB flash drive and select “Change drive letter or drive path”.

Here you need to click the “Change” button. If there is no letter, then click on the “Add” button.

Now left-click on the arrow. Here is a list of Latin letters from which you can choose the one suitable for this flash drive. Do this and click OK.

You will see a warning about which I wrote at the beginning of the article. If all is well, click OK. Change drive letter in Windows 10 As you can see, the device letter has been successfully changed. You should also open a download window, which usually opens the moment you insert a USB flash drive into your computer.

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