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How to Change the Location of Download Folder in Windows 8?

Location of Download Folder in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces the feature of changing the location of the download folder. This operating system saves our all folders and files in C drive which is followed by a name known as User. When we open it we view different folders like Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Searches, My Music, My Documents and so on. We will choose a Download folder from User and change the location. The basically main motive to change the location of Download Folder is when we have no more space is available for saving or downloading data. By following some steps we can change the by default location of Download Folder and transfer it to another location in any drive.

After reading this article we will become capable of changing the Download folder’s location. To apply this feature on a system we have to follow some particular steps which are as follows

Change Location of Download Folder:

  • In the Desktop Mode, we can do right-click on>Windows Explorer folder and Choose>Desktop.

           Another method is that we can select the Desktop. In >Desktop Mode, Hit> Computer and Select the Desktop and click>Desktop.

  • The Desktop shows many folders such as Homegroup, Libraries, Computer, Control Panel, Network, and other folders. In this, we can click on the> “New User”.

       In Window of New User, we see different folders such as Account, Pictures, Desktop, Contacts, Downloads, My Pictures and other folders. We can select> Downloads Folder.

  • We have to do right-click on Downloads Folders and Select>Properties.

  • Download Properties dialogue box will open. We will view the General tab, Customize tab, Sharing tab, Location tab, Security tab. We make hit> Location tab.

  • After hitting the Location tab, we can see the location of Downloads and click the Move button.

  • After this we see a new Window; we can allot new Location which we want. Firstly type drive name and then folder name. By typing like this we can change the older Location and give the new Location name where we want and then click on the Apply Button.

  • The popup Window shows and Tap the Yes Button.

  • Move Folder dialogue box appears where we can view the old Location and new Location of Download Folder. Click yes button.

  • Again Download Properties dialogue box appears. We will able to see the name of the new Location under the Location Tab and click ok. Old Location can be altered to the new Location.

  • After completing all the above steps, we can see the Downloads Folder in the new Location.

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