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How to Perform Four Common Tasks in Windows Server 2012?

Common Tasks in Windows Server 2012

Windows 8 server version is Windows Server 2012. This Server 2012 is quite different for performing some basic and common tasks. Windows Server 2012 is an interesting Server Operating system which introduces many new and advanced features. With the help of these features, administrators will have to do their routine tasks which they have already done. These tasks perform differently in this advanced server rather than old versions of Server Operating system.

After reading this article we will able to perform some common tasks in Server 2012. To do this we have to follow some steps for doing tasks which are as follows.

Change Server Name:

Servers are the representative of the domain. For using Servers locally in any business administrators rename them often. To do this follows these steps.

  • Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of Screen on (-) sign and the charms bar will appear.

  • Select Settings and then Click on Server Info.
  • The system window will open; Hit the Change Settings options from a section of change name, domain and workgroup settings.


  • System Properties dialogue box will open and then do click on the change button.
  • Computer Name/Domain Changes dialogue box opens.
  • Now we have to change the Computer name and change settings of domain membership.


Run a Program with Different User Credentials:

Sometimes in Server 2012 administrators want to run the program which needs various user authorization. To perform this task keeps in mind some steps.

  • From the new Start Screen, make right-click on the program which we want to run under various credentials.
  • Select the program and make click on the Run as Different user option from the bottom of the screen.


  • After choosing, Windows Security dialogue box will open.
  • Type User name and Password in related boxes and then click on OK button.


Open the Run box:

Administrators need immediately Run dialogue box without using a Run option from the Start menu. In Windows Server 2012 this task can be performed by some mouse clicks. Follow the steps

  • Opens Start Screen and Type Run in the Search edit box when charm bar appear.
  •  Run applet display and choose Run from the open window.

  • A run dialogue box will open and navigate the program which we want to run.


   Open A Command Prompt:

Command prompt option can be open in Windows Server 2013 by following some easy steps

  • Go to the Start Screen and make click on the icon of All Apps.


  • Apps window will appear and hot the Command Prompt App from the window.
  • Choose Pin to Start from the bottom of Screen, Command prompt will open.


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