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How to Run Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 8?

Compatibility Mode in Windows 8

Windows 8 provides the feature of run old version programs through compatibility mode. Few programs cannot run in this latest Operating system or not properly and effectively work because these are not compatible and fit in Windows 8. In Windows 8 If we want to run this type of program so we have to alter the compatibility of the program according to this Operating System.  It is an easy procedure to find out the compatibility of windows 8. This problem typically occurs when we use third party and old games and software.

After reading this article we will able to run programs in compatibility mode. To do this we have to follow some steps which are as under.

Run Program in Compatibility Mode:

  • Choose the program and make a right-click on it.
  • Dropdown menu will appear and choose Properties from the menu.

  • A properties dialogue box will open. Go to Compatibility Tab.


  • Compatibility option will display.
  • Now make a checkbox of Run this Program in compatibility mode for:


  • Choose the Compatibility mode of which we want to run the program. For Windows 8 select “Windows 7” Compatibility mode and click on “OK”.


  • Now go to our program and right-click and select “Run as Administrator” from the drop menu and follow the instructions.


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