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How to Save Document on Cloud in Microsoft Word 2013?

How to Save Document

Microsoft Word 2013 includes some new and latest tools and features. These features give ease and convenience to the users. Cloud is one of new feature. Basically it is a place of Online Storage where we can store our documents and media files. We can also get back these files anywhere in the world at any time. In other meaning, with the help of this Cloud feature users easily carry their office with themselves. Burden of carrying files reduces because of this feature.

After reading this article, we will capable of saving a document on cloud. For doing this we will have to follow some particular steps which are discussed below

Save Document on Cloud:

  • Open Microsoft Word 2013 First.
  • Choose>blank document from available templates.
  • Type data in the document.
  • Now Do Click on>File Tab. Drop down list will appear.
  • Click on>Save As from list. Save as pane will display.
  • Select> Sky Drive under Places option.
  • If we don’t have Windows Live Id then we click on link of>Sign up.
  • Otherwise if we have and Id then hit>Sign in from extreme right bottom of pane.
  • Windows Live window will show.
  • We have to enter our Id and password in their text boxes. Then click>Sign in button.
  • Now our SkyDrive folder is open; to set the location of our document make click on>Browse button.
  • Save as dialog box will open. Now Type the file name in>File name edit box and then Click>Save button.
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