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How to Update Store Apps in Windows 8?

Update Store Apps in Windows 8

Windows 8 facilitate it users by providing the feature of updating the Store Apps. Windows Store App concept is new for the users. But from Windows Store we can find and save Apps. When we install different Apps in windows 8, we will also want that these Apps always remain update. Updating procedure is not much difficult in Windows 8. It takes time but improves and modernizes our Apps.

After reading this article we will able to update our Apps. For updating we have to follow some steps which are discussed below

Procedure of Update Apps:

  • On the Windows 8 Desktop the Windows Store tile will show us the number of apps that have updates available. Click on the Windows Store tile.


If notifications not seen on the tile of Windows Store, then we can go to the Charms Bar and Click “Settings” and Hit “App updates”.


  • After that set the slider to the option of automatically checks for updates to “Yes”.


       When Windows Store opens, Make Click on “Updates” link on the top-right corner of the screen.


          Then we view the apps update screen and all apps selected by default. If we want to update all of them, do click on “Install” icon at the bottom of the open Screen.


  • After installing, we will see the start of updating procedure.


  • When an app is updated, it will disappear from this screen. When all of them done being updated, we’ll receive the following message informing us that the “updates were installed”.


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