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The latest Windows 10 Creators’ Update

The latest Windows 10 Creators’ Update

Are you ready to learn a variety of tips, tricks and ideas to get more from your Windows 10 computer? In the blog entry, we’ll explore some exciting ways you can increase your Windows computer. Let’s get started and answer some important questions that can help your employees and Windows personal computers to students to be safe and protected.

Are you running the latest version of Windows 10 Creators?

The latest version of Windows 10, Creator Update, comes full of great updates. Let’s quickly review some of these:
Add 3D capabilities to the Edge and PowerPoint browsers.
Place the 3D objects inside a PowerPoint slide and other applications.
On Microsoft Edge, 3D can work with HoloLens to allow for real 3-D browsing.
An upgraded version of Paint 3D allows users to draw a 3D graphic on one device and then watch it on another Windows 10 device as a 3D image
3D Paint is also integrated with Minecraft. Users can transfer their creations from the game to the application. From there, creations can be edited and then printed in 3D.
If you can not wait until Microsoft submits the constructor update, use the Microsoft Update Assistant to start the process.

You Need More Windows Tips

Do you protect your Windows 10 device?

While some believe that anti-malware tools are rarely required (and maybe true) with Windows Defender on the guard, add more shields to your protection group. Keep your Windows computer up to date with Windows Update. Keep your other software up to date with Patch My PC.
You can also reduce the risk of piracy in another way. Set up another user account on your computer and do not have administrator rights to install the software. When you need to install the program, switch to the Administrator mode user. Otherwise, just use a normal Windows user account.

Here are some additional shields to protect your Windows 10 installation:


Malware Bytes – great use when you think your computer has infected malware/spyware and you need to clean your computer.
AntiRansomware – Although the trial version of Malware is still in the beta version, Malware Bytes provides real-time protection of this massive problem, and captures it before it can encrypt your files.
Spyware Blaster – Easy to use anti-spyware/malware program.
Spybot Search and Destroy – The best part of Spybot is TeaTimer that protects your computer’s registry from pollution and protects browsers (IE, Firefox) against malware.
BitDefender Free – The free antivirus program for home use is great and does not drive you crazy from advertising. or
Sophos Home Antivirus – This is another free protection for home use.
Remember, before you go any further, protect your Windows 10 computer so you can prevent malware from taking control of your device while you browse the web or add programs.

Are you protecting your confidential data?

Whether school records, health information or financial data, are all sensitive data that must be encrypted during rest or movement (on a USB flash drive). As a result, take advantage of one of these free solutions. Protect business-critical data and protect you under the Texas Safe Harbor Act, which means that there are no embarrassing reports of lost/stolen data for your organization and potential termination for you.
Mac / Windows / Linux computer?
Get the ParanoiaWorks’ Secret Space Encryptor (SSE).
Chromebook or Google Chrome?
Get Mini lock to encrypt individual files.
Does Android devise?
Get ParanoiaWorks’ Secret Space Encryptor (SSE) for Android from the Google Play store.
Try these file and/or folder encryption tools. If you need text encryption solutions, whether for email or SMS / text messaging, one of these solutions should work well.
IOS / iPhone / iPad device?
Get Paranoia Text Encryptor (PTE)
Any device?
Get encrypted text (save and open it in your web browser)
You may also want to obtain a copy of File Shredder for Windows to securely delete information from your Windows-based computer.

Do you protect your login information and passwords when using the public WiFi network in cafes and airports?

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to protect your data while it’s on your device. If you’re using public WiFi or even a trusted WiFi network, you’re displaying your usernames and passwords for various web-based services. That’s because any data flowing over WiFi can be snatched from the air using special tools. (Yes, I’ve tested it myself in my home neighbourhood with easy and free tools available to anyone, which is scary.) That’s why I’m using a virtual private network (VPN) to protect data.
“VPNs provide an important element to protect the privacy of users,” says the Electronic Frontier Society. VPNs are one of the most effective tools for protecting privacy when using the Internet because of the degree of anonymity they provide when accessing online services.

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